"Maybe we will meet again when we are better for each other"

No, that line is such fucking bullshit
I loved you with every inch of my fucked up heart and you couldn’t love me back
I was in recovery
I still am and I will be for the rest of my life
So please, if it is three years from now and you see me on the street
Don’t come up to me in the hope that you could rekindle the fire you started in my bones
You left me when I needed you
When I was crying for you on the bathroom floor at 4am
And no matter how much time passes
You will never be enough for me
You will never aid my recovery
You will only hinder it
And so I’m sorry sweetheart
I have to let you go
Please know this isn’t temporary
This is real
I gave you what I had left
I know it wasn’t much
But you spat it back at me anyway

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