Sabemos que solo abriendo los ojos se sale de una pesadilla, pero el remedio, en este caso, es cerrarlos, no los propios, sino los que se reflejan en el espejo. José Saramago. 

Los voy a esconder, merezco ser feliz. Intentaré deshacerme de ustedes, los reprimiré, los ahogaré y asfixiaré. Mis miedos.

I don't think anyone is ever ready, but when someone makes you feel alive again it's kind of worth the risk.

And this is how I try to explain to myself my desire of loving again, the truth is that I'm not disappointed at all, instead, I'm impressed, and I wonder: how can I be possible of feeling my soul and my heart this way again? How can my capability of loving remain still intact?

Sitting in late night in front of my monitor, I am truly and pretty sure that I want this, considering all the risks, and whatever it will take, I'll take it. No more "I don't assume the consequences, I supress them"

You've split my entire universe one more time.
It seems that life found a way in the desert.

You see? This is the first time that I find myself encouraged and decided to try new things and new manners of get done stuff, stuff like this, writing a post on Blogger using a language different from my mother tongue for the very first time... It feels nice, y'know? :) You make me feel nice.