Be loyal to your future, not your past or here we go again

I don't think anyone is ever ready, but when someone makes you feel alive again it's kind of worth the risk.

And this is how I try to explain to myself my desire of loving again, the truth is that I'm not disappointed at all, instead, I'm impressed, and I wonder: how can I be possible of feeling my soul and my heart this way again? How can my capability of loving remain still intact?

Sitting in late night in front of my monitor, I am truly and pretty sure that I want this, considering all the risks, and whatever it will take, I'll take it. No more "I don't assume the consequences, I supress them"

You've split my entire universe one more time.
It seems that life found a way in the desert.

You see? This is the first time that I find myself encouraged and decided to try new things and new manners of get done stuff, stuff like this, writing a post on Blogger using a language different from my mother tongue for the very first time... It feels nice, y'know? :) You make me feel nice.

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